Agatha Christie in Bollywood


Alluvium looks at Raja Nawathe’s Gumnaam, a 1965 Bollywood adaptation of Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None. “Gumnaam is perhaps best known in the West for its song and dance sequence ‘Jaan Pehechan Ho’ in which Laxmi Chhaya is accompanied by the rock and roll group Ted Lyons and His Cubs. As David Novak has discussed, the song “circulated within and helped constitute ‘alternative’ America in the 1990s” (Novak 2010: 48) with the sequence being played by The Cramps singer Lux Interior on Los Angeles TV show Request Video in the early 1990s, subsequently circulating widely on bootleg videotapes and inspiring a controversial cover version by San Francisco rock band Heavenly Ten Stems, and eventually appearing in the opening sequence of American indie film Ghost World (2001).”


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