“All 101 Disney Channel Original Movies Ranked By Lesbianism”


At Autostraddle, Mey looks back on Disney Channel original movies: “For many of us, the Disney Channel was full of very formative moments in our young queer lives. We got our first girl crushes, we got ideas for our fashions and gender presentations; we found our heroes. So whether your first girl crush was on Kim Possible (or Shego), Vanessa Hudgens, Raven Symone or Demi Lovato, we all remember these movies as having way more queer lady content than Disney probably ever intended to put in there. So let’s count down these movies by how lesbiany they are. Or bisexual lady-ish they are, or queer lady and non-binary folk-ish. Also, what the heck you guys, there are so many of these! I thought there were like 40 or 50! But there are like 100!!! Enjoy!”


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