Cutter’s Way and the Great Tradition of the Film Eyepatch”


At the Guardian, Anne Billson gives John Heard his due and writes about eyepatches in film. “One-eyed, one-legged, alcoholic Vietnam veteran Alex Cutter is the sort of avenging obsessive who, by rights, belongs up there in the pantheon alongside Travis Bickle, Sam Quint or Khan Noonien Singh. In fact, I’d argue that Cutter outcools them all because he has something the rest of them don’t – an eyepatch. Not to be outdone, Bridges recently sported one too, as Rooster Cogburn in the Coen brothers’ True Grit. Cutter lost his eye in ‘Nam, Cogburn in the American civil war. Both men are shambolic boozers. But, as the eyepatches indicate, they’re also extreme badasses.”


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