“Sparks and Tarts: With Romance Your Mileage May Very…And That’s Okay.”


At Women Write About Comics, Jessica Pryde writes about finding the romance that’s good for you: “Did you try a romance once and put it down, never to pick up another? Did you ever wonder why that was? Maybe the plot didn’t work for you or the writing was bad. Maybe it was just boring. Maybe the author wrote a piece of sexist, racist garbage. Maybe there were elements that hit your YKINMK (Your Kink Is Not My Kink) hard limits. Maybe there was too much sex. Maybe there wasn’t enough. You know the thing about romance? It’s fucking prolific. Romance may be a genre, but romance lives across categories and classifications. People of all types and interests write and read romance, so unless your biggest problem with romance as a genre is “I don’t like love stories that end happily,” there is a place in romance for you.”


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