The Cosmic Horror of John Carpenter’s The Thing


At Nerdist, Kyle Anderson writes about the cosmic horror of The Thing (1982). “Lovecraft would often not describe his sinister entities, choosing instead to say simply “the indescribable horror” or the like, and allow the reader to come up with their own visuals. The inability of humans to comprehend the physical form of these creatures is integral to Lovecraft’s cosmic fear. Carpenter continues this, not by hiding the monster from us, but by showing it to us in full light, because even though we’re looking at it, it’s still mostly indescribable. No image of the Thing in any of the scenes behaves the way something of this world would, and we share the characters’ astonishment, both by recoiling and staring.” (Via @SFSignal)

And please enjoy this Zombie Zombie music video of The Thing animated.


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