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Keep Searching

Posted April 16, 2015

wengweng3Every April at the Gutter we mix things up with the editors writing something outside their usual domain. This week SF/F Editor Keith writes about movies.

In the early spring of 2002, a trip out west to meet some friends resulted in a weekend that involved everything from drinking in Juarez to being hired to do design work for a network of Texas dominatrixes to hanging out with ukulele-playing cowpunk ladies from Tokyo and, finally, ended with a bizarre and hazily remembered quest to find the locations used in Manos: The Hands of Fate with the only guideposts being that they were “somewhere around El Paso.” Over the years, subsequent globe-trotting adventures have been inspired by my love of film and literature: tracking The Maltese Falcon across San Francisco, following in the footsteps of James Bond through New Orleans and Venice and London, or seeking out popular buildings destroyed by monsters in Tokyo. And yet, these obsessions with film and books and oddball trivia, especially when I was younger, were often met with the taunt that I should “get a life.”

Even then, as now, I knew this was a meaningless remark. Far from being indulged to the exclusion of “having a life,” my passion for film, for old books, strange music, and for esoteric history were instrumental in me having not just a life, but a very fun life. They (and my interest in booze) have served a the impetus for trips that have taken me to every continent, introduced me to people and places and concepts I never would have experienced if I hadn’t fostered an interest in movies and books and let them make me say things like, “Hey, do you want to get a drink where Maurizio Merli busted a bottle of J&B over a bank robber’s head?” Film doesn’t discourage a life well lived; it inspires it. Read more

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  1. Carol Borden
    April 22nd, 2015 @ 4:08 pm

    This is a lovely piece.

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